Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vince Rabago for Attorney General

1.20.2010 -- Kristi Rabago introducing Vince at his announcement press conference at the State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona.

In press conferences in Phoenix and Tucson surrounded by family and friends, former Assistant Attorney General Vince Rabago announced that he is a candidate for the office of Arizona Attorney General. With a 16-year career as a prosecutor, Rabago cited his experience in taking on payday lenders, mortgage fraudsters, deceptive student loan practitioners and enforcing Arizona’s open meetings law.

“In this time of severe economic crisis, the Attorney General’s Office needs a leader who is a proven fighter and who can hit the ground running,” Rabago said in a prepared statement.

Rabago is an Arizona native, born and raised in Cochise County. He attended the University of Arizona and received his law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1993.

Rabago began his career as a prosecutor in San Diego for the California Attorney General.  In 2002, he became an Assistant Attorney General in Arizona.  On January 15, 2010, Rabago stepped down from that position to run for Attorney General.

1.20.2010 -- Vince Rabago making a point during his announcement press conference at the State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona.

As a prosecutor, Rabago worked on criminal, civil and constitutional matters at all levels, including the Arizona and California Supreme Courts, District Court, the Ninth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rabago, 42, is married to Kristie Rabago and has two children, Maya, 6, and Vincent Patrick, 5.

1.20.2010 -- Vince with the attendees at his announcement press conference.

Rabago will be a participating candidate in Arizona’s Clean Elections system. “I believe in taking the corrupting influence of money out of politics,” Rabago said. “I have decided to stand with Arizona voters who overwhelmingly voted to have Clean Elections.”

I support Vince's run for AZ Attorney General from the 14th CD!

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