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Are You Sick Of The Partisan Crap Yet?

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Do you consider yourself a moderate?  Or maybe an independent?  Are you happy with the actions of the US Congress?

We have been a witness to the partisan crap in Washington since the early 90’s….we have seen just how pathetic the political system is today……and we are ready for the change that has been promised to us for a decade or more….but as the old saying goes, “crap in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up first”……

If Americans are truly fed up with the partisan BS being played in Washington, then why not look for an alternative?

First, why not try the Tea Party, the real ones…the ones that are more Libertarian than whack job…..they have gotten a bad name and are the butt of many jokes, but the original Tea Party folks we dedicated to change in Washington, but unfortunately the whackos from the Far Right have tried to hijack the brand…..

Second there is the Transpartisan Alliance:

Goal: Motivate and inspire Americans to work together across divides by practicing and teaching the principles of transpartisanship

Principles and Values:
* Respect other points of view
* Value other points of view
* Open-minded to others
* Listen well to others
* Suspend judgment of others
* Build bridges with others
* Give others benefit of doubt
* Value cooperation

And third there is the Modern Whig Party:

I. Principles

The reality is these are critical to the welfare of the country and the Party. These principles bind us as moderates, unify us as Americans, and also serve to exclude extremes.

·         FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – Any action of the government must respect principles of fiscal responsibility and public accountability.

·         ENERGY INDEPENDENCE – Develop practical domestic energy sources to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources.

·         STATE’S RESPONSIBILITY – Each state can generally determine its course of action based on local values and unique needs.

·         SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE – When the government is compelled to legislate morality, every citizen should be considered as equal.

·         EDUCATION AND SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT – Increase public and private emphasis on math and science to promote American innovation to compete in the global economy.

·         VETERANS AFFAIRS – Vigilant advocacy relating to the medical, financial, and overall well-being of our military families and veterans.

II. Structural Structural Principles are the most important to the Party. Our structure is what makes us fundamentally different, non-ideological, non-partisan, and not confined by the political spectrum.

·         DEVELOP REAL LEADERS – This central tenet of the Party is to help leaders both grow and to exhibit good citizenship through leadership.

·         SELF DISCOVERY – As a Whig it is important to always be learning and growing. This means it is the Party’s responsibility to pull information together and to help members discover for themselves their stance on any social topic.

III. Perceptual

We have become a reactive society. While there is little we can do about the underlying problem, as a Party we must always consider many perspectives, including a long term perspective.

·         FOCUS ON LONG TERM PROBLEM SOLVING – We have developed into a reactive nation. The only issues being seriously considered are those who make the top of each media hour, however it is important to be talking about and solving issues that are foreseeable before they are major issues.

These are just a few of the options open to independent…….these are more on the moderate side…of course there are the left and right fringe parties that have NO hope of succeeding….the ones listed above are good alternatives with good principles…if any American is looking for a party or organization of principles then they could do NO better than the ones listed….

So people do NOT be a coward…if you truly want to change the crap in Washington then do something about it….talk is cheap….actions are the only answer to ending the partisan crap we now live with daily…..Just do it!

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  1. …and then there’s always the possibility of armed insurrection – everyone else in the world seems to be going for that option… :evil:


    5 January 2010 at 1034

  • More seriously, I get the point. But, being 150 years old (on a bad day), I’ve come to the conclusion that NO political party o politician should EVER seek to legislate on maral issues. We need to be defended effectively (because without defence there won’t BE a country); we need the economy to be managed effectively for the benefit of ALL who DO work and those who CAN’T work due to illness etc. and let everyone else go hang; we need all basic services to be provided such as healthcare, policing, education, etc; and DAMN ALL ELSE!

    Religious leaders have a right to preach (and I have a right not to listen) and politicians do NOT! There should be a TOTAL BAN on moral and social engineering of ALL KINDS by governments and other authorities. How ordinary people choose to live their lives and what values they hold beyond basic respect for others is NONE OF THEIR GODDAMN BUSINESS!


    5 January 2010 at 1117

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